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ONE = M6O4R3

A practical framework for developers who want to be more.

A practical framework for developers who want to be more.

We bet it never crossed your mind.

No one told you. Not even the self-help books or “Be Your Best” Youtube videos mentioned it. No teacher, co-worker, manager or trainer hinted at it. Not even your mama.

Writing better is essential to your success.

It will sky-rocket your career. Improve your workplace relationships. And help hone other skills that you need to succeed at your engineering job. Heck, writing better will even make you a better human.

We are writing the book on Writing Effectively for Software Developers. And you need ZERO talent, just apply our ONE = M6O4R3 framework.

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A tried and tested method to get better at writing, custom made for software developers


Just like a good technical documentation, this book gives you a rock-solid system for writing anything job related and beyond. Read it once, refer back to it when needed.


Beside the ONE = M6O4R3 framework, you’ll get templates for texts that you write often. So you’ll see how everything clicks together. And put the theory into practice right away.


By constantly using the templates and refering back to the principles of the framework, you will quickly master writing efficiently. A full career upgrade will follow.

Not convinced writing better will advance your developer career?

You write a lot. Imagine if all of it would be as good as your code. Everyone will notice.

  • Documentation
  • Commits, Pull Requests
  • Code Comments & DocBlocks
  • Emails
  • Meeting Notes
  • Presentations
  • Resume (aka CV)
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Portfolio Website
  • Blog Posts & Social Media
Read Chapter One

Who are the authors?

A software developer and a copywriter. This is an unlikely alliance, we know. But it's probably the best mix for writing a book like this.


Andrei Iordache

World-class Advertising Copywriter and Tech Entrepreneur

In the span of more than a decade, he wrote and came up with advertising ideas for hundreds of large brands - including many of the tech giants. At the same time, he taught classes in copywriting and writing for business.

Andrei is also the co-founder of UPDIVISION, a software outsourcing company, with clients in more than 20 countries.


Cristian Tăbăcitu

Industry Recognized Developer and Indie Hacker

He's gone through the usual developer career path, from junior to mid to senior - faster than most, actually. But he's now proud to spend 100% of his time creating tools for other developers.

Tools like Backpack for Laravel, the most popular software in its niche. He credits a big part of his success to the way he communicates in writing.

Get a sneek peek.

For now, the book is work in progress. But you can download the first chapter and we’ll send you an email once the book is out. Plus, you’ll get a discount for being an early supporter.